• 标题: SDC620
        • 型号: Digital Display 3D Compass North Finder
        • 概述:
        • 1: ●Heading accuracy: 0.3°
        • 2: ● Tilt angle compensation range:±85°
        • 3: ●Tilt angle accuracy : 0.1°
        • 4: ●Heading measuring range:360°
        • 5: ●Wide temperature range: -20℃~+80℃
        • 6: ●With hard magnetic ,soft magnetic and angle compensation
        • 7: ●RS232、RS485 Serial data synchronization output(optional)



        General Description

          SDC620B is a new type 3D full-posture compass north finder which launched by our company to the satellite search industry , using USA fluxgate technology and advanced hard iron and soft iron calibration algorithm, to make it still can provide the high accurate heading information in tilt 360 ° status , still can accurately show the direction angle when tilt 360deg to identify the relative heading position . SDC620B belongs handheld digital instrument and can remote transmit the 3D data to a computer, through RION PC software to proceed with synchronous monitoring and saving data(this function is optional ).The products integrated design pitch, roll and heading alarm functions, such as setting the heading angle with 0 degrees alarm point, when products go to 0 degrees position will drive buzzer alarm, humane alert the operator to use. Can also set the magnetic declination and calibrate the magnetic field  functions etc. through manual button .
          SDC620B display unit using the industrial wide temperature digital blue tube, built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, the battery life can up to over 10,000 times (when low power with the alarm function), can use 220V pluggable charging, convenient and quick.


        Technical Data


        Compass heading parameter Heading accuracy 0.3°~0.5°
        Resolution 0.01°
        Repeatability 0.05°
        Compass tilt parameter X Pitch accuracy 0.1°<15°(Measuring range)
        0.15°<30°(Measuring range)
        0.2°<60°(Measuring range)
        0.3°<90°(Measuring range)
        X Pitch tilt range ±90°
        Y Roll accuracy 0.1°<15°(Measuring range)
        0.15°<30°(Measuring range)
        0.2°<60°(Measuring range)
        0.3°<360°(Measuring range)
        Y Roll tilt range ±180°
        Resolution 0.01°
        Calibration Hard iron calibration Yes
        Soft iron calibration Yes
        Physical features Dimension L125mmxW67mmxH28mm
        Weight 120g
        RS-232 data output optional Industrial pluggable connector 5 pins
        Interface features Start delay <50MS
        Maximum sampling rate 20Hz/s
        Communication rate 2400 to 19200baud
        Output format Binary high performance protocol
        Power Voltage support Built-in DC battery work for 24 hours
        External DC12V power supply (optional)
        Current(Maximum) 40mA
        Ideal mode 20mA
        Sleep Mode TBD
        Environment Operating range -20℃~+80℃
        Storage temperature -40℃~+100℃
        Resistance shock performance 3000g




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