• 标题: AKE392B
        • 型号: MEMS Digital Type Accelerometer
        • 概述:
        • 1: ●Three axis measurement optional (X、Y、Z)
        • 2: ●Output signal:RS232/RS485/TTL
        • 3: ●Voltage supply:9-36V
        • 4: ●Shock resistance:2000G
        • 5: ●Measuring range optional:±01G;±02G;±04G;±08G;±16G;±32G;±40G
        • 6: ●Working temperature:-40°C to +85°C
        • 7: ●Size:90×40×26mm


        General Description 

         AKE392B-Wireless three-axis accelerometer sensor series products is RION company imported the Switzerland patented technology to produce for using widely, suitable for vibration testing, impact testing and more fields. The product uses a digital interface output, RS232/485/TTL optional, can be set to a different address code, long distance series with multiple sensors to facilitate multi-point measurement and data analysis.AKE392B-Wireless is a monocrystalline silicon capacitive sensor, composed by a silicon chip of micro-mechanical treatment, low power ASIC for the signal adjustment, a microprocessor for storing compensation value and a temperature sensor. The product with low power consumption, after calibration, firm structure, stable output . New electronic configuration reset to provide a solid-state power, to provide comprehensive protection for over current. Scale factor in the full range of long-term stability and the deviation is typically less than 0.1%.This series products with firm structure,low power consumption, excellent deviation stability .etc characteristics to guarantee the reliability of outstanding output .


        Technical Data


        AKE392B-Wireless Three-axis accelerometer
          AKE392B -02 AKE392B-08 AKE392B-40 Unit
        Measuring range ±2 ±08 ±40 g
        Deviation calibration <2 <5 <10 mg
        Meausring Axis X,Y,Z X,Y,Z X,Y,Z Axis
        Annual deviation stability[2] 1.5 (<5) 7.5 (<25) 22 (<75) mg typical value( Maximum value)
        Power on/off repeatability <10 <10 <20 mg(Maximum value)
        Deviation temperature coefficient[3] 0.1 0.5 1.5 mg/℃ typical value
          ±0.4 ±2 ±6 mg/℃ typical value
        Resolution/threshold (@ 1Hz) -50 / 250 -50 / 250 -50 / 250 (Minimum/Maximum value)
          < 1 < 5 < 15 mg(Maximum value)
        Nonlinearity <0.1 <0.5 <0.6 % FS(Maximum value)
        Bandwidth[4 ] <0.02 <0.09 <0.27 g(Maximum value )
          1~≥400 1~≥400 1~≥400 Hz
        Resonance frequency 1.6 6.7 6.7 kHz
        Output interfaceOutput rate 5Hz、15Hz、35Hz、50Hz、100Hz、300Hz can be set
        Output signal RS232/RS485/RS422/TTL/PWM/CAN
        Reliability MIL-HDBK-217,Grade two
        Shock resistance 100g@11ms、3Times/Axis(half sinusoid)
        Recovery time <1ms(1000g, 1/2 sin 1ms, impact in I shaft)
        Vibration 20g rms,20~2000Hz (Random noise,o ,p,I each shaft effect 30 minutes)
        LCC sealed Meet MIL-STD-833-E
        Input(VDD_VSS) 9-36 VDC.
        Output voltage range 0~5 VDC @12VDCInput voltage( 0 g as 2.5V±10mV)
        Operating current consumption <60mA @ 12 VDC
        Weight Typical value:100g
        Size Typical value: L47×W47×H38mm,
        Unless other specified,all the parameter values were tested under ±20℃(±68℉)and 12VDC conditions.




        Electrical Connection


        Line Color Function BLACK WHITE BLUE BROWN GRAY
        GNDPower negative RS232(RXD)RS485(D+) RS232(TXD)RS485(D-) Vcc 9��36VPower supply positive FACTORYUSE only


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