• 标题: SCA131Z
        • 型号: Switch-output type Till Switch(Z-Axis Measurement)
        • 概述:
        • 1: ● Z-axis tilt measurement
        • 2: ●RS232 series output
        • 3: ●Resolution : 0.01°
        • 4: ●Wide temperature working: -40~+85℃
        • 5: ●DC 9~36V wide voltage input
        • 6: ●Highly anti-vibration performance>2000g
        • 7: ●IP67 protection class


        General Description

           SCA131Z is a digital dual-axis tilt switch developed by RION company to the Z–Axis measurement application , level security alarm and platform level detection related industry application .In industrial applications, it is unpredictable the measured object inclination towards X or Y direction ,which means that the 360-degree horizontal posture may tilt to any one direction, under this application if you use single-axis X or dual-axis XY unable to accurately measure, the Z-axis tilt can meet customer demand, integrated operation of the X-axis and Y-axis data, get the Z-axis tilt angle.
         Users can set alarm angle value by themselves, it will output the switch signal when exceeds the safety angle value, will cut off the hydraulic system, also can drive the alarm to warn the worker to operate safely .This product with design precision, again to compensate the temperature and linearity, integrated short-circuit, transformer, and surge etc. full protection functions, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments operating. Using the industrial grade MCU, three-anti PCB, import cable, wide temperature metal enclosure and other measures etc. to improve the industry level on products reliability and stability.


        Technical Data




        Measuring rang ±15 °
        Measuring axis Z Axis  
        Resolution 0.01 °
        Absolute accuracy 0.05 °
        Long term stability 0.05  
        Zerotemperature coefficient 0-40~85° ±0.006 °/℃
        Sensitivity temperature coefficient -40~85° ≤100 ppm/℃
        Power on time 0.1 S
        Response time 0.2 s
        EMC According to EN61000 and GBT17626  
        MTBF ≥50000 hours/times  
        Insulation Resistance ≥100M  
        Shockproof 100g@11ms、3Times/Axis(half sinusoid))  
        Anti-vibration 10grms、10~1000Hz  
        Protection glass IP67  
        Cables Standard 1M length、wearproof、grease proofing、wide temperature、Shielded cables 4*0.4mm2  
        Weight 120g(without cable)  




        Electrical Characteristics







        Power supply Standard 9 12、24 36 V

        Alarm output current 

              500 mA
        Working current non-loaded   40   mA
        Working temperature   -40   85
        Store temperature   -55   125


        Electrical Connection

        Color definition Single axis with 1 wayoutput Dual axis with 2ways output
        Red Power positive Power positive
        Black GND GND
        Green Clearing A Clearing A
        Brown Clearing B Clearing B
        Orange RXD RXD
        Purple TXD TXD
        Yellow X Alarm XY Alarm
        Blue NC NC


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