• 标题: HCA520T
        • 型号: Dual-axis voltage output inclinometer
        • 概述:
        • 1: ●Dual-Axis Inclinometer
        • 2: ●Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
        • 3: ●Wide voltage input: 9~36V
        • 4: ●Wide temperature working: -40~+85℃
        • 5: ●Output interface :0~5V
        • 6: ●High Resolution: 0.001°
        • 7: ●Small Volume : L90mm×W50mm×H33mm(customized)



        General Description
          HCA520T is a high accuracy dual axis inclinometer with analog voltage output,small measuring range and the highest precision up to 0.003 °, it is one of the few high-precision inclinometers in mainland. It is mainly used to measure the inclination of the object with respect to the horizontal plane , built-in micro solid pendulum ,by measuring the static gravity field changes then convert into inclination change, the changes in mode output voltage (0-5V).The internal use high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter, by the internal MCU system secondary linearity and temperature correction, the customer no need to do a secondary linearity correction, meanwhile also reducing the error caused by environmental changes on the accuracy of the product.
         This product uses non-contact measurement principle, can real-time output current posture inclination,Simple to use, and no need to retrieve the relative changed surface to install.Latest MEMS higher technology production, high-precision, small size, strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference ability, the ability to withstand shock and vibration. It is the ideal choice for industrial equipment, platform measuring attitude!


        Technical Data







        Measuring range   ±10 ±30 ±60 ±90 °
        Measuring axis   X,Y X,Y X,Y X,Y  
        Zero output 0° Output 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 V
        Resolution   0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 °
        Absolute accuracy   0.005 0.01 0.02 0.05 °
        Long termstability   0.01 0.02 0.05 0.08  
        Zerotemperature coefficient -40~85° ±0.002 ±0.002 ±0.002 ±0.002 °/℃
        Sensitivity temperature coefficient -40~85° ≤50 ≤50 ≤50 ≤100 ppm/℃
        Power on time   0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 S
        Response time   0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 s
        Response frequency response frequence   1~20 1~20 1~20 1~20 Hz
        Electromagnetic compatibility According to EN61000 and GBT17626
        MTBF ≥50000 hours/times
        Insulation Resistance ≥100M
        Shockproof 100g@11ms、3Times/Axis(half sinusoid))
        Anti-vibration 10grms、10~1000Hz
        Protection glass IP67
        Cables Standard 1M length、wearproof、wide temperature、Shielded cables4*0.4mm2 air-plug connector
        Weight 150g(without cable)




        Electrical Characteristics










        Power supply Standard 9 12、24 36 V
        Working current     40   mA
        Output overload Resistive 10     kΩ
          Capacitive     20 nF
        Working temperature   -40   85
        Store temperature   -55   125


        Electrical Connection




        Line color function BLACK WHITE GREEN RED
          GNDPower Negative

        Out X
        X Axis output voltage


        Out Y
        Y Axis output voltage




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