• 标题: LCA341
        • 型号: Relay tilt switch
        • 概述:
        • 1: ●Single/dual axis
        • 2: ●RS232 set alarm angle
        • 3: ●resolution: 0.01°
        • 4: ●wide working temp.:-40~+85℃
        • 5: ●high anti-vibration>2000g
        • 6: ●DC 9~36v input
        • 7: ●Switch/replay output

        General Description

        LCA341A series a low cost tilt switch developed by RION for application like level safety alarming and platform level monitor and alarm. There is relay output circuit inside. Alarm threshold value is pre-stable. when the inclination exceed set alarm value, it will output relay output signal(drive current 1A) to drive the solenoid valve hydraulic system or drive buzzer or alarming light for the safety of platform. Its main function is to monitor and alarm the(dual axis or single axis) inclination of platform automatically. It is well-designed, the temperature and linearity are compensated. It has short-circuit, high voltage, surge protection etc. And all its components meet the requirement of industry application.


        Technical data





        Measuring range ±15 °
        Measuring axis X,Y  
        Resolution 0.05 °
        Absolute accuracy 0.1 °
        Long-term stability 0.05  
        Zero temp. coeffiecient -40~85° ±0.006 °/℃
        Temp. Sensitivity coefficient -40~85° ≤100 ppm/℃
        Power on time 0.1 S
        Response time 0.2 s
        Electromagnetic compatibility Per EN61000 and GBT17626  
        MTBF ≥50000hours/time  
        IR ≥100mge  
        Impact resistance 100g@11ms、3 times/axis(half sinusoid)  
        Anti-shock 10grms、10~1000Hz  
        waterproof IP67  
        cable 1m, durable, grease proof, wide temperature, shield cable, 4 x 0.4 mm2  
        weight 120g(exclude cable)  




         Electronic Characteristics

        Color definition Single axis with 1 way output Single axis with 2 way   dual axis with 1 way dual axis with 2 way
        red Power positive Power positive   Power positive Power positive
        black GND GND   GND GND
        green Zero clear A Zero clear A   Zero clear A Zero clear A
        brown Zero clear B Zero clear B   Zero clear B Zero clear B
        purple TXD TXD   TXD TXD
        yellow X alarm +X alarm   XY alarm X alarm
        blue NC -X alarm   NC Y alarm
        Orange RXD RXD   RXD RXD


         Electrical Connection







        Power supply Standard 9 12、24 36 V
        Alarm output current       1000 mA
        Working current No-load   40   mA
        Working temperature   -40   85
        Store temperature   -55   125


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