• 标题: SMI800
        • 型号: Wired handheld industrial monitor
        • 概述:
        • 1: ●communicate with all RION’s sensor
        • 2: ●DC 12V wide voltage input
        • 3: ●wide work temp. -25~+80℃
        • 4: ●built-in rechargeable battery(optional)
        • 5: ●direct cable lead
        • 6: ●transmit distance:RS232=50m; RS485=500m
        • 7: ●case size:90×60x26mm


        SMI800, developed independently by sz RION, is a wired transmitting handheld monitor. It could receive data and display value of all RION’s sensor, including inclinometer, accelerometer, electronic compass, gyro sensor, AHRS etc. It adopts industrial wide temperature digital screen with PVC film keys. It also owns powerful function: zero set, magnetic calibration, alarm angle value set, magnetic declination set, and still we could customize function keys, panel color and provide custom solution for data access and acquisition. It could be powered by out power source(DC12V) and internal power source(2500mAh rechargeable battery with >4h battery life).
        Communication between monitor and sensor could be RS232/RS485/TTL etc and remote transmitting could reach over 1000m(for wireless solution).  The monitor shell is made of metal and it is could be portable or fixed. It is especially suitable for harsh industrial filed monitoring.


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