• 标题: DAM1000
        • 型号: Wired Transmission Data Monitor
        • 概述:
        • 1: ● Can capture all RION’s products data
        • 2: ●DC 9~36V wide voltage input
        • 3: ●Enclosure size :185×126x45mm
        • 4: ●Transmission distance : RS232=50m; RS485=500m
        • 5: ● Direct leading cable interface
        • 6: ●Built-in rechargeable battery optional
        • 7: ●Wide temperature working: -25~+80℃


        Product Introduction
             DAM1000 wired transmission data monitor which developed by Rion Company Independently can match with our all series sensors products including tilt sensor , accelerometer ,compass , gyroscope, AHRS navigation and other products for data transmission and display. The monitor has strong functions can accept customized function keys , panel colors , interface design and third party sensor access acquisition solutions .
             The monitor adopts industry wide temperature liquid crystal screen, matched with PVC film button , can set sensor ZERO calibration, monitor can use external or internal power supply , external power supply using DC9-36V , internal power using large capacity 3600mAh rechargeable battery, sustained endurance capacity more than >10h .
             Monitor and sensor transmission using RS232/RS485/TTL ..etc mode , remote transmission resolution can reach over 1000m .Monitor with full metal enclosure design , portable or embedded installation optional , particularly suitable for harsh industrial field real-time monitoring operation .


        Product Dimension


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