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        Mecca of toll on tower crane collapse - Rion Techology Angle sensor to solve advantage

        Source:Netease news Number of visits: Date:2015-09-18 09:25

        Earlier, mecca, Saudi Arabia local time on September 11, 2015, the islamic holy sites in mecca mosque a tower crane collapse accident occurred. Saudi Arabia, according to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) civil defense authorities, in Muslim hajj mecca's grand mosque near crane collapsed killed at least 107 people, more than 230 people were injured.

        Mecca mosque is located in the center of the city of mecca, Islam is the first temple, another pilgrimage will start from this month on the 21st of this year, an estimated 3 million Muslim pilgrimage. In 2014, Saudi Arabia is due to the expansion of the quota Muslim pilgrimage to mecca mosque have reduced to the limit.

        The mecca at the time of the accident is the storm weather, holy city of mecca is preparing the annual hajj, at that time, tens of thousands of muslims from all over the world are in mecca mosque to participate in religious activities, and the mosque is in construction, the big red crane stood more than around, an assignment is the highest tower crane collapsed is said to be the Middle East. The crane tower struck before the accident. When the incident occurred, mecca is the storm weather, wind is 55 km per hour, crane collapsed by the people of Saudi meteorological department may be caused by wind is too big, bad weather is a major cause of hanging tower collapsed. (news from netease)


        As early as usual in such accidents have become common, the mecca of crane towers suffered heavy casualties events is not only the heavy homework safety wake-up call again, at the same time we also can't help to think of such a crucial question: "how to strengthen the operation safety of heavy industry, how to prevent and avoid such frequent accident?"

        Along with the development of the construction, the construction of mechanization degree increase year by year, tower crane, as a kind of materials to implement vertical and horizontal transportation machinery, especially for its high hoisting height, weight lifting, large working range etc, has been widely used in construction industry. However, because of tower crane structure is relatively large, accompanied by aerial work, so prone to tower tilting accident.


        The tower crane installation safety limit device, mainly includes the loading-capacity limiter, crane moment limiter, amplitude limiter, hoisting height limiter, rotary limiter. The role of the safety device is tower crane in use process once more than setting value automatically cut off power supply, to prevent the tower crane accidents. Cause of tower tilting is more important for the hidden trouble of check does not reach the designated position, although the safety limit devices are installed on the tower crane, but can't check some hidden dangers exist, in hoisting or specific circumstances make the risk factors, eventually lead to the tower caused tower tilting Angle is too large. So, how to effectively detect the tower before use and use process Angle, the size of the report in a timely manner when the dip Angle is greater than a certain critical state can effectively prevent the happening of the tower crane tilting accident.

        Shenzhen Rion Techology co., LTD design research and development of Angle sensor can solve this problem, Angle sensor is a kind of special measuring Angle of the tilt sensor, and can measure the bending Angle of tower crane work arm, compared with normal bending Angle to realize the real-time monitoring of working arm, makes work more stable and reliable, and can transmit the boom tilt data directly to the control room and displayed, operator according to the actual tendency for real-time adjustment, improve the work efficiency.

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