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        RION NEWS

        2016 rion technology evening party

        Number of visits: Date:2016-01-25 17:51
        We look forward to in the years will finally ended, the activities will be ready to begin planning the end, each one of our colleagues are preparing carefully in his spare time; the whole event has to flatter our down Li, he really deserves to be called a SVECOFENNIAN wit, from the late will lines written music clip etc. he is busy, I really appreciate the support of Li annual meeting; annual meeting of rich content, all my best performances, very exciting, everybody played is very high, of course, this three people support us, who was forced to seek handsome brother, Shiratomi Miowu and our little host Liu Xin, three, presided over the skills between their understanding, not the thumbs up, praise, and we invited the performance of the two small guest star with bright performances and bonus gifts; smoking Cross award, the party continuous applause, climax, Xiaobian the last node: we are the best, we should clap for yourself, clap for you; and front of the curtain behind the scenes staff, you have worked very hard, really thank you very much, and would like to thank the busy pumping time arrived at the scene of the suppliers, thank you very much for your generous support, this year will be a lot of harvest, remifentanil can be a big family, we are here grow together, from all corners of the country, the brothers and sisters gathered here, this is the fate, we must cherish and sustain, here together, grow together.
        Thanks again to all is rion technology partners, nice to have you!
        The following to enjoy the wonderful picture of the annual meeting:

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