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        RION NEWS

        Rion-tech family autumn (Shao Guanpian) travels

        Number of visits: Date:2015-09-23 15:29
        Autumn wind blowing, a leaf falling on the ground, with the unique charm of autumn, rendering the golden yellow earth. In this harvest season,Rion-tech family tour and update, this is our destination -- Shaoguan!
        Annual employee welfare and tourism is companies to give employees relax the large group activities, in the busy work temporarily come to an end, everyone together side by side into the nature of the world, relax tired body and mind, the interaction between departments, communication at work encountered confusion, talk about talk about interesting things in their life. In tourism activities and improve employee morale, and enhance the sense of the cohesion of the enterprise and employees belonging to rion technology enterprise culture construction to the great role in promoting.
        Recognized by the people love to travel in a most beautiful scenery in autumn, in this year of the most beautiful season, mountains of water the United States left the photo of the Rion-tech family sites record the Rion-tech family laughter.
        We see Rion-tech family upsurge of enthusiasm and morale in the process of the tourism activity, and small partners demonstrated cohesion and belonging sense also allows us to Rion Technology have more confidence in the future.

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