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        RION NEWS

        Gesture focus on solutions to the fifth anniversary of RION

        Number of visits: Date:2014-06-03 12:43

        "Dedicated attitude solution 5 anniversary of" Finn 5 anniversary report --
        As the days went past, the dead Ruth! 5 years journey and wind and rain, 5 anniversary would like m! Shenzhen rui technology is 5 years old of birthday, rui will repay society with a "grateful heart", the customers, thank you for the trust and support, Mr Technology we will not live up to the expectations of you and the great trust, provide professional solutions, try my best to perfect our service, let you more trust, more save worry.

        Fifth anniversary, behind is the responsibility of the same person. "Five years we together through ups and downs, fruitful achievements we harvest together five years, five years to yan yan we search together, ebb and flow in five years we work together".
        Gesture "solution" is people unremitting efforts direction, create all kinds of industrial control solutions is people the same responsibility, your satisfaction is Finn pursuit of the same person.

        To society: focus on social responsibility

        "Quality is qualified to do social duty, quality excellence is a contribution to society" is responsible for the customer, dedicated to provide you with industrial solutions. Ray Stevens to profoundly understand "the only achievement society, the achievement yourself". Competition in the competition should not just be cruel, and should be through the interactive development of competition between enterprises, and continue to give back to society, to give back to the public. "Interaction, mutual assistance, complement each other" operating guidelines already infiltrated the Finn all aspects of science and technology.

        : to the customer attitude dedicated to provide you with the solution
        As industrial solution experts, shenzhen rui Finn technology are well aware of the importance of the customer. So Mr Technology any efforts are based on the practical problems and interests of the customer, to provide various solutions, industry leading companies, only good faith can do if customers know cheated, will never come again. This is a direction. Technology to provide solutions, is sincere service for customers, and focus on solving customer problems. Customer satisfaction, is Mr Dynamic source of unremitting efforts.

        Finn technology - attitude solution experts! Rui people unite, unite as one, are bold, enterprising, vigor, wholeheartedly for customer service, dedicated attitude solution, compose the create high level and features of new poem, jointly create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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