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        RION NEWS

        Inclinometer used in car maintenance

        Number of visits: Date:2014-06-03 15:33

        Car maintenance is vehicle maintenance and repair referred to, is the failure of the car through the technical means machines, find out the cause of the problem, and take some measures to make the debugging and restore reaches a certain performance and safety standards. Car maintenance including overhaul and minor repair, overhaul is refers with the repair or replace any parts of the car method, restore car in good technical conditions and fully recovered car life restoring repair. Minor repair is refers with the replacement or repair individual part method, warranty or restore automobile work ability of sexual repair operation.

        Usually in automobile maintenance appeared in high speed pendulum, generally speaking is divided into two kinds, one kind is with the speed increase pendulum gradually intense, 2 it is at a high speed when it appeared pendulum, and cause the steering wheel jitter. First of all check drive axle is normal or not, in order to confirm whether for transmission system caused by the pendulum. Then need to determine whether it is automobile front axle parts existence fault or caused by deformation of frame, usually are made by frame swing together, but generally speaking, the frame of the small deformation with the naked eye not easy to identify, so they need to adopt accurate measurement of Angle measurement with frame and smoothness, flatness measurement is conducted before by experienced maintenance teacher for judgment, but with the development of the industry of sensor, in recent years, auto repair companies began to gradually use Angle sensor for measuring frame, and at the same time, vehicle maintenance have a lot to measuring planeness and levelness occasions can also use Angle sensor for measuring.

        Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Is a industry for many years engaged in the sensor is a professional company, many large-scale repair company and repair shop all bought our production design of Angle sensor, and also bought a variety of options. Along with the Angle sensor to maintenance industry development, Angle sensor applications are also more and more broad, the prospect is also more and more good.


        Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Is located in full of charm magic land - shenzhen, is focused on Angle, compass, and other product research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company to market specialization and the basic management idea based on sensor in the market service and technical work, including Europe and America famous sensor company only general agent in China, sensor supporting scheme of technical development, can also according to the customer's demand to provide professional development and testing solutions. To ensure that our products and technical service efficiency, standardization and routing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We strictly according to the ISO9000 quality assurance system to achieve the company's internal strict management procedures and customer service level the flexible optimization.

        The company main business products are Angle sensor, digital inclinometer and inclinometer, the three dimensional electronic compass, acceleration sensor and many other well-known brands abroad technical grade products. These products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, textile, railway, dam monitoring, medical equipment, oil drilling, coal mining,. Marine me measure, high precision surveying and mapping, etc, and at the same time, has become many international well-known brand company in China's outstanding partner.

        With our professional service technical level and strong technical strength, and the reliable quality guarantee system, improve the service system, to win customers and social support and trust. Constantly provide users with the latest advanced high-tech product, and for you to customize the comprehensive professional application solutions.


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