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        RION NEWS

        RION with numerous machinery business combination of March 11th world China trade fair

        Number of visits: Date:2013-03-22 10:40

        To fully demonstrate the latest of the machinery and equipment industry equipment, technology, materials and products, and vigorously promote China mechanical industry transformation and upgrading, gather resources effectively, accelerate the development of mechanical industry, on November 2-5, 2011, international exhibition center in Jakarta (Indonesia) at the 11th China machinery fairs. As machinery and equipment industry truly international top event, attracting domestic and international numerous well-known enterprises. Finn technology with its professional level, powerful posture, high-tech quality products become close partners of many exhibitors.

        In Finland technology co., LTD., independent research and development of high-tech products, under the strong support of many machinery manufacturers in the exhibition, become the focus of many exhibits. Finn technology independent research and development of Angle sensor, digital inclinometer, inclinometer, three-dimensional electronic compass, accelerometer, and many other well-known brands at home and abroad industrial products, make the mechanical equipment. These products are widely used in mechanical and electrical equipment, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, fan, electronic instrument, power equipment, photovoltaic equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, chemical equipment, fire and security equipment, and automobiles, ships, aircraft, railway, dam monitoring, oil drilling, coal mining,. The ocean as measuring, high precision of surveying and mapping, etc.

        Shenzhen rui he technology co., LTD., is focusing on the Angle, compass, and other products in the research, development, manufacture, sales and system integration in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company to specialization, standardization, high quality, low profile service concept wholeheartedly serve for you, fall in love to provide you with tailor-made solution. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction for the Finn people service goal, we strictly according to ISO9000 quality assurance system to implement internal strict management procedures and customer side flexible optimization service levels.

        With our professional services technical level and strong technical strength, with reliable quality guarantee system and perfect service system, to win the users and the social support and trust. To present the latest cutting-edge high-tech products, and customized comprehensive professional application solutions. Continuously strengthen the close cooperation with the institute, and combined with the demand of the market, will be the best scientific research into science and technology achievements, realize the goal of the development of science and technology, serve the society.

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