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        RION NEWS

        RION 2013 Spring Festival holiday arrangement

        Number of visits: Date:2014-06-03 12:43

        Respect for customers and the general concern of Finn's friends:
        Snake - and good luck wish spirit under the snake ring for you, live healthy, surrounded by wealth; Help you bypass the GouGou KanKan, across diverse fields; Invite you over to watch the world, enjoy the good life; Everything for you snake fu, lu, shou, joy, wealth introduction to wufu, sitting on a snake in the four seasons peace prosperity, good lucky for you
        Whether Mr Snake dragon to take gold, New Year come again! Goodbye to 2012, ushered in the full of hope, opportunity and challenge of 2013! Here, thank you all in the past year in Finland technology support and trust, meanwhile, also hope that in the New Year, Mr Technology can be honored to continue to get everyone's attention and support, and Finn technology will, as always, wholeheartedly provide better service for you! We also will offer all kinds of industrial control solutions, please feel free to contact us!
        Ray Stevens, chairman of carrying all the red people wish you in the New Year, healthy body, a happy family, performance is rising!
        For hard work for the company for one year, my colleagues have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival rui technology according to the usual practice, for the Spring Festival holiday ahead and extend, the Spring Festival holiday arrangement is as follows:
        Lunar New Year holiday time is: on February 6, 2013 (December 26) - (12 days) on February 17, February 18 (the ninth) formally to work

        Special tip: on my way home, please pay attention to personal safety and property safety! I wish you have a happy, peaceful, festive Chinese New Year!

        Because the company will not arrange staff on duty during the holiday, we will open the emergency hotline, then please contact our manager li: 159 8681 2408

        Thank you again for you have been to Finland technology's attention and support! Sincerely wish you spent a Spring Festival of joy, peace, joy!

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