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        RION NEWS

        RION the snake, opened business

        Number of visits: Date:2014-06-03 12:43

        Time flies, dish XianRui, age of the third gear. And a hopeful spring is coming. When everywhere permeated with early Spring Festival atmosphere, new, our company in big snake NianChuJiu (2013.2.18) formally to work.

        Ray Stevens, chairman of the science and technology to the general staff and all partners, friends said greetings, wish you a happy Spring Festival, the snake year good luck, all the best! All the department heads have handed out a red envelope, both of them work affirmation, also for the future energy of inspiration! Took the leaders of the red envelope, a heavy responsibility and a sincere trust, company departments have said the performance record in the determination of the New Year!

        In the past year, our company in the production technology, product quality and design concept, the technical indicators to an all-time high. All this, is condensing people wisdom and sweat, embodies the many sacrifices and effort. This is an inspiring era, an era full of opportunities and challenges. The fierce competition in the market, asked us to every worker to continue to maintain high morale, continue to maintain exuberant fighting spirit; The leap-forward development of the enterprise to each of our employees continue to blaze new trails, and work diligently.

        Smile bowed to celebrate dragon snake come, to thank you all in the past year in Finland technology support and trust, meanwhile, also hope that in the New Year, Mr Technology can be honored to continue to get everyone's attention and support, and Finn technology will, as always, wholeheartedly provide better service for you! We also will offer all kinds of industrial control solutions, please feel free to contact us!

        New Year New Year new atmosphere, new challenges, our cause will continue advancing at a new starting point, we will stand higher, farther, we will usher in a more broader heaven and earth. Let us join hands and going all out, make persistent efforts, to seize the new victory, reform and development of enterprises to create more beautiful tomorrow!

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