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        RION NEWS

        RION The tomb-sweeping day holiday notice

        Number of visits: Date:2013-04-02 10:42

        To: all the staff
                Tomb-sweeping day will come, the company the tomb-sweeping day holiday on April 4, 2013-2013, April 5 (Thursday and Friday) of 2 days, on April 6, 2013 (Saturday) to work as usual. Will resume work on April 7 all the adjustment on April 7, April 5 (day shift). Before the holiday please pass good power, tools, equipment of each department and the doors and Windows, do a good job security, and according to the need to work during the holiday in advance. Goes out to play during the holidays, please pay attention to your safety!
        Notice is hereby given that the!
        Shenzhen city rui technology co., LTD
        April 1, 2013

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