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        RION NEWS

        Be used in engineering machinery

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        Now more and more engineering machinery equipment from the traditional mechanical, hydraulic system to electronic, hydraulic system transformation, especially the wide application of CANBus bus for engineering machinery the upgrading of products and work to promote the efficiency of provides a very good technology platform. Such as paver, grader, excavator, elevator, crane, etc., to realize automatic control, all need to body itself and actuator attitude measurement, and at the same time, security is also has been paid attention to. For example, the rotating drill that mast verticality measurement as well as in drill before work, need to the mechanical equipment itself attitude to adjust and to reach level state; Crane boom ascension and the Angle of excavator digging depth control, etc., are the need for Angle measurement can be controlled.

        Red Finn science and technology as the Angle measurement field leader, for engineering machinery industry with different measurement precision, application scopes, input/output and appearance size Angle sensor products, including CANBus bus, RS485 and RS232, 4 ~ 20 ma and output signal/interface. At the same time red Finn technology company to meet all kinds of different and special technical requirements, provide deep hole drilling when the azimuth measurement products and application solutions and vibration in the inspection of the complete application solutions.


        Excavator digging depth measurement and control and chassis leveling

        Excavator depth measurement is through the measuring machine arm on the point of view of the parts, through the mathematical calculation obtain depth data, usually need to measuring machine arm three point Angle data. On the market at present have use laser method to measure the excavation depth, however expensive price and cannot get extensive application, the Angle measurement method can greatly reduce the cost. Available Angle products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)

        The ground machine planer tool control

        Usually the ground machine planer tool Angle decided to flat surface height, at the same time accurate Angle control also determine the surface roughness, so, to grader is concerned, planer tool Angle is decided to the whole equipment work efficiency of the important parameters. Angle sensor only need to install in the planer tool or installed in other can truly reflect the cutter attitude position, do not need any other additional mechanical structure, the operator can be set up to the height of the data and flatness data, by PLC automatically adjust the attitude of the cutter, so that the entire machinery automation level greatly improve. Available Angle products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)

        Hydraulic drill bit control

        Hydraulic drill bit attitude decide the success or failure of drilling process, or formed by the final hole meets the requirement of owner, and at the same time, the engineering need according to certain Angle implementation of drilling, and Angle sensor can easily achieve this one requirement. This is the Angle sensor is installed in the bit internal, real-time detection bit posture, or MWD, or in the stop when measuring. Requirements sensor can bear larger impact ability and good reliability. G&k ship navigation company can provide all kinds of physical size and large impact ability of uniaxial or biaxial Angle sensor, and at the same time also provide bearing, the functions of measurement is also in the deep hole drilling, the bit may occur level migration, this function is through the magnetic azimuth sensor or gyroscope to achieve. Available Angle or bearing products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)

        Lift platform control and regulation

        Usually, for high stroke of elevator or lifting equipment, operating platform Angle measurement and control relationship to the operation staff's life safety, therefore, it is necessary to operating platform and the whole equipment base are inclined Angle measurement, control and alarm. Available Angle products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)

        Crane chassis leveling and boom Angle measurement
        Crane, there are a variety of models, every day in all over the world finish a lot of weight lifting work, but unfortunately often accident happened, in the load-bearing may cause body tilt even turn to, some accident is heavy. The accident investigation concluded that a lot of conclusion, a consensus is that if near the accident former operator can get some form of warning, most of the accidents can be avoided.

        To reduce the happening of the accident, manufacturers have developed some safety system: safe load display, these mature system can real-time monitor the change of crane. And to make the system work is also a necessary key measurements are Boom Angle (Boom Angle), the role of the maximum range is 90 degrees (+ / - 45 degrees). It is to use Angle sensor to measure, this is typical of the Angle sensor applications.
        Crane before work need to the whole equipment chassis reach level state, on the one hand, to ensure the safe operation, on the other hand, to achieve maximum lifting tonnage. This is through a biaxial Angle sensor to measure the chassis in each direction of dip Angle, and the Angle signal output to the PLC to drive hydraulic oil cylinder so as to achieve the level of the chassis. Boom Angle measurement is used to calculate the height of lifting and prevent ascension is too high and make the whole equipment occurring topple. Available Angle products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)

        The rotating drill/driver's mast verticality measurement and control

        Mast vertical degree decided to drilling hole qualified or not, especially for pile driver, vertical degree is to determine the reliability of the building of the important indicator, so how to keep good vertical degree or in accordance with certain Angle drilling is construction process often encounter problems. In the electrical - hydraulic control system, a biaxial Angle sensor installed directly on a mast can achieve this function. At the same time operating personnel can through the PLC man-machine interface equipment input tilt data, drilling rig is set according to the point of view of the automatic drilling. Available Angle products include: uniaxial or biaxial (before and after and sides of the tilt Angle measurement)


        The application of the retractable manipulator
        Telescopic manipulator is in the building industry weight machines, it is simple in structure and its weight lifting ability and versatility, and do not receive place limit ability, makes it to the competent constructionAreas outside of the large amount of work.

        A telescopic manipulator is basically a small weight lifting machine, and have a telescopic boom, for work in rough ground and design, so it also want to consider turn to problem. Many manufacturers use filling tire to improve stability, the problem some help, but it does not provide alarm signal, when conditions meet cannot avoid the happening of the accident. Some manufacturers awareness of the seriousness of this problem, inside the machine cited security system.

        The factors causing the machine to turn to have two: bridge attitude and boom Angle. The two change can be very easily with Angle sensor to measure. For bridge attitude, transverse and longitudinal axis all need to monitor, the typical maximum Angle is + / - 30 degrees. And boom Angle and crane boom Angle with the same characteristics influence, in the actual weight, as long as the angular change part equivalent to burthen of major changes, the boom relative length increased this influence, especially boom in horizontal or close to the level. Normal boom working range is 0-90 degrees.


        Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Is located in full of charm magic land - shenzhen, is focused on Angle, compass, and other product research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company to market specialization and the basic management idea based on sensor in the market service and technical work, including Europe and America famous sensor company only general agent in China, sensor supporting scheme of technical development, can also according to the customer's demand to provide professional development and testing solutions. To ensure that our products and technical service efficiency, standardization and routing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We strictly according to the ISO9000 quality assurance system to achieve the company's internal strict management procedures and customer service level the flexible optimization.

        The company main business products are Angle sensor, digital inclinometer and inclinometer, the three dimensional electronic compass, acceleration sensor and many other well-known brands abroad technical grade products. These products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, textile, railway, dam monitoring, medical equipment, oil drilling, coal mining,. Marine me measure, high precision surveying and mapping, etc, and at the same time, has become many international well-known brand company in China's outstanding partner.

        With our professional service technical level and strong technical strength, and the reliable quality guarantee system, improve the service system, to win customers and social support and trust. Constantly provide users with the latest advanced high-tech product, and for you to customize the comprehensive professional application solutions.


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