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        RION NEWS

        Rion Inclinometer applications

        Number of visits: Date:2014-06-03 10:46

        Angle sensor, just as its name implies, is the measurement of Angle sensor, so as long as the need to know the occasion of Angle can be used Angle sensor measuring Angle. Suitable for application in factories, landslides, railways, tunnels, ship industry, machinery, construction, medical enterprise, bridge laying, dam construction, automobile industry, the nuclear industry and aerospace cause, etc.


        Below I will introduce the use of Angle sensor occasions.

        1, factories, factory in many places can be used to tilt sensors, such as: iron and steel factory cast iron surface smoothness and the inclination of the pipe factory etc.

        2, mountain: can be used to detect mountain slope Angle, landslides and the occurrence of natural disasters.

        3, railway: railway industry can be used to measure the track smoothness, high speed train body inclination measurement and tracks by signal tower tilt Angle.

        4, tunnel: can be in tunnel construction measurement tunnel levelness, etc.

        5, ship industry: ship industry in general use Angle sensor to detect hull itself in the operation process of the inclined situation, prevent the excessive gradient caused capsized phenomenon.

        6, machinery: used for marble platform level adjustment, zero calibration, machine tool of leveling,

        7, construction: construction of horizontal and vertical demand is higher, so the construction industry Angle sensor use of space is very large, the use of place also is more, but the present use less, further the development of the market.

        8, medical career: widely used in medical equipment and human detection, etc.

        9, bridge laying: mainly used in bridge design and construction,

        10, dam construction: in dam construction for dam monitoring, real-time monitoring of dam displacement and the impact of the dam after small inclination Angle.

        11, auto industry: can be used for automobile four wheel tyre positioning and security of the system can be used for various communication car and truck Angle monitoring, and even car antenna orientation and ground navigation system

        12, nuclear industry and space industry: can be used to detect the satellite, real-time propriety detection satellite body tilt Angle and operating condition


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