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        RION service after the sale    
        Providing effective and comprehensive services and protecting the interests of investors, which is our unchanging principle. For providing high quality service, we consider service as the most important product, for purchasing the professional, diversified, and hierarchical services. We also provide longterm and comprehensive technical services, including consultant, design, project Implementing, project protecting, equipment maintaining, professional training, and promise that we provide the best technical support and after-sale service and product running at its best.    

        Service Contents    
        1)Shenzhen RION and all RION product instruction (including agent products)    
        2)product catalogue and company introduction    
        3)before-sale and after sale technical consultant and services of RION companion
          products suggestion, reasoning, complement of product technical solution    
        4)software application exposition    
        5)seminar support    
        6)product training, on-the-spot guidance    
        7)new product test    
        8)OEM/ODM services    

        After-sale Service Promise     
        Every Rion product carries return for a month warranty for one year and lifelong maintenance. Providing Rion product lifelong software promotion service, technical support and site operators in technology. Rion special service line +8613713964486 provides 365 days’ technical support service, as well as internet service.

        Maintenance Service:    
        Maintenance Range: Shenzhen  RION and all RION products instructions (including agent products)

        Maintenance cycle: Upon receipt of the above, we will repair or replace it in five workdays, (not including the posting days)

        Maintenance Fee: We will repaid your products that have any quality problem free of charge under maintenance ,  If the products damaged by misusing, pay only for instruments.

        Room service: beyond maintenance cycle, if need room service, besides maintenance Fee ,you may also pay travel expenses.

        Customers Instructions     
        You should enclose problem instruction with maintenance product, for engineer can repair it as soon as possible. Please write correct address,phone No., fax No. contactor, for maintenance product returning accurately. If products have any quality problem, we shall pay for the posting fee, if not, you will pay for it.