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        Service Policy

        Rion after-sales Service

        To provide efficient and comprehensive service to the greatest extent safeguard user investment benefit is we insist on the principle of constant. In order to
        To provide the highest quality of service, we regard serving as the most important products, for the sake of it services, professional
        Yuan is changed, hierarchical structure for users for including consulting, design, project implementation, project maintenance, equipment maintenance, professional training
        In the long-term, comprehensive (7 x24 hours) technical service and support. And promises to provide the best technical support and after-sales service
        Service, guarantee the product operation in the best state.

        Service content

        > shenzhen rui Finn and "RION" comprehensive product introduction (including agent products);
        > ChanPinXing record and company introduction material;
        > "RION" series of products pre-sale and after-sale technical