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        Inclinometer used in maritime transport

        Date:2014-06-03 15:26

        Maritime transport referred to as the sea, is the use of ship through the seaway shipping freight and passenger mode of transportation. Ocean transportation is the international Commodity Exchange between the most important one of the mode of transport, freight volume of all international freight volume proportion about 80% above. It is the use of natural Marine channel, ship's tonnage generally does not restricted, has the capacity big, low cost etc advantages. But Marine by geographical conditions, sometimes by season influence.

        Ocean transportation with the natural channel, has not affected by road, rail restriction, through the ability stronger etc. Along with the political, economic and trade environment and natural conditions change, may at any time to adjust and change the route with transportation task. Ship is transportation by sea, the main tool, it can rely on human, sail or motor, such as the provision of power. In modern large transport ship are many sensors are used, Angle sensor is one of the important sensor, it can hull in a moving attitude detection.

        Angle sensor are normally installed in ship deck of a fixed position of the platform, used to measure the ships in the course of driving hull pitching Angle and lateral tilt Angle. Because when hull over certain Angle will exist to capsize risk, so when the tilt Angle close to the maximum permissible Angle should be prompt operation personnel, and need to make corresponding treatment, when necessary, should make forced to stop operation to ensure the safe navigation of vessels, especially in a strong wind sea, more should use measuring Angle of the tilt Angle sensor.

        Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Design and manufacturing Angle sensor is a very good choice, not only stable performance, high protection grade, and various performance can meet the needs of the application.

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