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        Inclinometer used in pier fixed

        Date:2014-06-03 14:52

        Bridge structure generally includes bridge span structure, bridge pier and abutment, foundation, upper structure, bearing, taper revetment six parts, and bridge pier is bearing bridge span structure and the constant load and live load, such as vehicle pass to foundation of buildings. Pier many are made by special factory production transportation to the scene after the construction, this is called the field construction method, through measuring unreeling, record numerical, check the size of the edge, edge and prefabricated bridge pier column of the contact surface to chisel wool processing, and to the precast block column side use chalk line popup center line and level control line, so that takes place when its position control. Pier column before installation need to any part of the pier column size measurement inspection ensure pier column installed the tops of the elevation comply with the design requirements.

        At the scene when lifting with a crane pier column alignment axis position vertical to the edge inside, lifting the artificial fit to slow down the speed, and in vulnerability pad with board or rubber pad, two sides alignment correction location and accurate in place after pier column each side fixed tightly, and to keep stable cylinder to pick to hook. In with a crane bridge pier column placed to specify the location of the existing in the process of bridge pier column swing and pier column bottom slope, especially in calibration position, it is need to crane operator should have high crane operation technology and rich experience, otherwise it may because of improper operation, lead to pier column local damage. So many Bridges research institute for this problem research, and finally to the conclusion, the use of Angle sensor can solve this problem.

        Will Angle sensor simple fixed on the pier the tops of the department, in the pier lifting process can real-time clear understanding to the pier inclined accurate Angle, the crane operator provides accurate pier basic posture, could be the operator more easily operate, thus make the bridge pier lifting accuracy and safety degree is higher, the bridge construction has now become the indispensable part.


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