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        Inclinometer used in reservoir construct

        Date:2014-06-03 14:48

        Reservoir refers to the valley or rivers jaws place to build barrage formation of artificial lakes. Can use it to irrigation, flood control, power generation and fish. After the completion of the reservoir, but the flood control, water irrigation, water supply, power generation, the effect such as fish. China is famous reservoir are: the three gorges reservoir, the danjiangkou reservoir, etc.

        Reservoir has flood control and flood detention, detention and role, but build reservoir might induce earthquake, increase the reservoir area and the area near the frequency of earthquakes. The reservoir in the mountains because of the landslides in lower long-term future of soaking, occurred landslides, landslides and mud-rock flow frequency will increase. In modern reservoir construction, Angle sensor has been commonly used, have a plenty of fixed in the library edge, and placed in reservoir surrounding mountain or lay a foundation structure body, used to real-time monitoring reservoir and reservoir environment of small changes, such as the reservoir attachment mountain water seepage, surrounding rock was severely corrosive, earthquake or landslides and landslides in the neighborhood of the geological environment, although sometimes influence is very small, but if small effects cannot be processed in time may have serious consequences.

        Shenzhen Rion science and technology co., LTD., independent research and development production of Angle sensor, can not only satisfy the requirements of the construction of the reservoir, but also in other monitoring occasions can also try to and installation position of the corresponding relation of sensor network, once a sensor Angle will also change staff can easily find problems in sensor, it could still realize sensor Angle change real-time records show that function, and can put the tilt Angle value transmission to the control system, the control system can realize prompt and alarm, make the staff can timely that alarm information and make corresponding treatment.


        Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Is located in full of charm magic land - shenzhen, is focused on Angle, compass, and other product research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company to market specialization and the basic management idea based on sensor in the market service and technical work, including Europe and America famous sensor company only general agent in China, sensor supporting scheme of technical development, can also according to the customer's demand to provide professional development and testing solutions. To ensure that our products and technical service efficiency, standardization and routing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We strictly according to the ISO9000 quality assurance system to achieve the company's internal strict management procedures and customer service level the flexible optimization.

        The company main business products are Angle sensor, digital inclinometer and inclinometer, the three dimensional electronic compass, acceleration sensor and many other well-known brands abroad technical grade products. These products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, textile, railway, dam monitoring, medical equipment, oil drilling, coal mining,. Marine me measure, high precision surveying and mapping, etc, and at the same time, has become many international well-known brand company in China's outstanding partner.

        With our professional service technical level and strong technical strength, and the reliable quality guarantee system, improve the service system, to win customers and social support and trust. Constantly provide users with the latest advanced high-tech product, and for you to customize the comprehensive professional application solutions.


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