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        Inclinometer used in pipeline construction

        Date:2014-06-03 14:10

        Pipeline transport is to use pipeline transport as a kind of long-distance transport of liquid and gas supplies transport mode, it is a kind of special by the producer to market transport oil, coal and chemical product transportation way, is unified transport network in the main transport special part. Most of the pipeline are the owners used to transport their own products. Pipeline transport not only traffic, continuous, rapid, economic, safety smooth and less investment, covers an area of less, low cost, and can realize automatic control.

        In addition to pipe is widely used in petroleum, natural gas long distance transport outside, still can transport ore, coal, building materials, chemicals and food, etc. Pipeline transport can save water or road transit bad day, shorten the transportation period, reduce transportation cost, and enhance the transport efficiency. So in pipeline construction requirement is very strict, such as the need to do leak detection as well as to the pipeline laying azimuth detection, etc., the pipeline level detection is a very important index. Often use level of pipeline level degree for testing, but level can only know pipeline level degree, and not quantitative measurement, there are a lot of defects, and pipeline construction personnel introduced Angle sensor, through the Angle sensor measuring the level of pipeline. It can not only qualitative perception pipeline level degree, but also can quantitative learned that pipeline current pitch Angle and the measuring rise more convenient.


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