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        RION CHINA

        The foundation strong base, continuous innovation, realize the internationalization development

        The foundation strong base, continuous innovation, realize the internationalization development. "The foundation strong base", is to consolidate the foundation management, strengthening the core ability of the foundation; "Continuous innovation", is must to the technology, processes and culture change, will break through the enterprise management level, to ascend to the international requirements of the new height.
        After years of market baptism, he finally realized RION steady development, and achieve stepping to the internationalization of the battle of preliminary victory, began to step onto the healthy development track. The RION technology future development has important strategic significance. Reviewing the past, we ashes, proud; Looking to the future, we shoulder heavy responsibilities, are full of confidence. With the profit, we began to win back customers to "RION" brand trust and support; At the same time more strengthened we promote internationalization cause determination, we always believe that internationalization is RION and future development of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise the RION by promote internationalization strategy of sustainable development, "to become the industry's most innovative ability of industrial sensing control enterprise".
        Since the company open up the domestic market these years, we pay a high price, but also made valuable experience and accumulation, improve the product independent technological innovation ability; Promote the enterprise operational efficiency, at the same time the enterprise also obtained the necessary core competitive ability. For us to internationalization lay a solid foundation. The globalization of business structure that we have the ability in the industrial sensing control field and international enterprise competition.
        Today, we have stood in the new historical starting point. That is: looking to the future, will he RION built a successful international enterprise. If the past as we passively adapt to the international the impact and challenges in the stage of words, so, from the beginning of this year, we have come to a actively planning RION international future development goals and tasks of the new stage.
        There is no royal road to development, innovation no end. The past, we work together, common bridge over the difficulties, and won the preliminary victory. Today, we have stood in the new starting point, the enterprise develop new horn has blew. The rise of the national economy depends on the strengthening of national enterprises, as the industry of "going out" of Chinese local enterprises, we red Finn must not fulfilling the great trust, and to the liberation of the more thought, more strong will, and more confident, more scientific method, unite as one, and go all out, and create a RION cause in the new height, and write a new chapter, Finn history he realize he Finn RION develop new cross over!